Upton Centre Pivots

Upton Engineering are introducing a new range of standard height centre pivots to the Australian market. These centre pivots in aluminium, galvanised steel or with poly lined pipes will complement the existing range of easy to tow low profile centre pivots. These will be fixed or towable with all of the usual options.

The “Upton Low Profile Towable Aluminium Centre Pivot” is well established in the market and is the easiest and quickest pivot to move.

Hard Hose Irrigators

Ocmis, the world’s leading manufacturer of Hard Hose irrigators, supplies a complete range.

Low Pressure Booms

The best Low Pressure Booms for the Hard Hose Irrigators are supplied by Briggs.

Soft Hose Irrigators

Both low pressure soft hose booms and high pressure travelling irrigators are available from “RI”, and “AR”.

Big Guns and Sprinklers

A complete range of big guns and sprinklers including the economical Sime range.


Pumps are supplied from a range of manufacturers.


The most economical and reliable diesel engines for pump sets are supplied, including Hatz, Yanmar and Cummins.

PVC Underground Main

We ask that you give us the opportunity to quote on your main and fittings.

Hydrants and Fittings

The range includes “RJ”, “Auslock” and many others.

And when the irrigation is organised, Fence that you will never have to paint!

PVC fence from “Country Estate Fence” to suit the horse stud, the house and to add appeal to the property frontage and driveway. This product carries a 50 year manufacturers’ warranty. Readily available in white, cream and grey, these colours work with the Australian landscape. The durability and life-long strength of the PVC produce fences that endure the test of time, maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum.




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